Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MAC PlushGlass

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MAC PlushGlass in "Viva Glam VI" & "Ample Pink"

I wasn't always a fan of lip glosses.  They were too sticky for me and I didn't enjoy wearing them.  In December, I took a trip to New York City for the day with my mother and sister in law and we went over to the MAC store.  I ended up getting my whole makeup done there! When the guy who was doing my makeup came over to me with lip glosses in his hand, I though to myself "what is he nuts!" He said to just try it, so I did.  It seriously changed me. It was comfortable for me to wear. I ended up buying the "Ample Pink" and then my mother bought the "Viva Glam VI" for herself.  Yeah, I ended up taking it. 

These lip glosses are not sticky at all! They are my go to's and I have worn them everyday since I got them.  I rarely wear lipstick anymore and if I do wear lipstick, it has the "Ample Pink" on top of it.  

When I first put it on, it feel like a cool warm feeling on my lips. It also moisturizes and soothes my lips which is a plus! Also it contains vitamin E for environmental protection. 

I am sorry for the lighting of this picture and the shadow of myself in the way. On the left side is the "Viva Glam VI" and on the right is the "Ample Pink".  They are both similar in color, just the "Viva Glam VI" is a dark pinkish color with shimmer in it.  

This is the "Ample Pink". This could be worn with anything! 

                                       "Viva Glam Vi"                                "Ample Pink"

In these photos, you can see the difference in the darker color and the shimmer in the "Viva Glam VI". 

If you would like to check the other colors that MAC has in their Plush Glass section, click here.

Have you guys ever tried any of the MAC Plush Glass? What is your favorite? Let me know by commenting on this blog post. I would love to check out any other colors. (:

Lana xoxo


Audrey Williams on March 18, 2014 at 9:29 AM said...

I love MAC's lip glosses, but I mostly have their lipsticks. Maybe I should branch out and try their other glosses. Those colors are a great start!


FeelingBeautiful on March 18, 2014 at 9:43 AM said...

Yes, definitely give them a try! They are an amazing feel on your lips and they have so much to choose from :)

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