Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Beauty Compare!

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MyBeautyCompare is basically my go to site when I am searching for what I need for a great price.  I hate when I buy something and go into another store and see it on sale! Also, It is hard for me to choose what exactly I want since there is so many products to choose from.  Who do I go to and show me what I should pick? I usually go and watch YouTube videos or other beauty bloggers and see what they say. 
Then I discovered a fun, creative new site! 

MyBeautyCompare provides personalized recommendations. You enter your beauty profile and they match you with thousands of unbiased recommendations from other women who has the same information from your beauty bio deliver instant results through their price comparison site. They offer makeup, skincare, body, hands & feet, hair, and fragrances from thousands of brands.  They help you find the perfect products for you so you don't have to. 

"How does MyBeautyCompare work:
  • Click on “Find your beauty match” → enter your beauty bio → select a subcategory such as face oil → instantly discover the best beauty product matches personalised to you."

    They have a "Personalize Your Beauty" section.  You fill out the questionnaire form as above and and MyBeautyCompare does everything else for you. They match you on what you are looking for in all the brands and products that they have.  

    MyBeautyCompare also provides you with reviews on the products from other bloggers and what others have written about a certain product.  You can even see what celebrities wear and think about some products!  There are even forums on this site where people discuss whatever you want! 

    MyBeautyCompare is a UK website but it also works internationally! 

    Don't forget to visit this site: and start getting the right items for yourself for a great price! 

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    Lana xoxo


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